The Tire Change Guys was created by The Tire Storage Guys because so many customers were asking for a more convenient way to have their tires changed. After hearing this request so many times, they decided to make it happen.

Two long time friends, George and Andre, own the business and stay involved with the day to day operations to make sure the level of service and customer satisfaction stays as high as possible.



"I've always stored my own tires but lifting them into my care became a hassle and storage space in my garage is getting smaller and smaller. This year I decided to try something different and boy am I glad I called THE TIRE CHANGE GUYS. They saved me a ton of time and I didn’t have to spend hours cleaning my car after dragging my dirty tires home to store. And with the extra space in my garage I bought myself a garage fridge and filled it with my favourite beers."

~ James Ouimet

"The day I was scheduled to have my tires changed it was pouring rain outside, and two of my kids were sick. Thank goodness I had booked an appointment with THE TIRE CHANGE GUYS because while they worked in the rain to change my tires and then take away the wet dirty tires I got to take care of my sick kids in my warm, dry house."

~ Jennifer